Where to eat in Labin: Pizzeria Rumore

by Gigi Griffis
pizza at Rumore, Labin

Widely known as the best pizzeria in Croatia, this Naples-style restaurant serves up authentic pizzas and good wine on a huge terrace with sweeping views over the hills and down to the ocean. 

Their fancy pies are the most popular (with pistachio and mortadella getting a lot of attention), but I’m a sucker for a good margherita, so I ordered it over and over again, paired with a glass or two of the house white wine.

Is it the best pizza you’ll ever have? No – you’ll need to go to Naples for that. But here in Croatia, this spot is head and shoulders above every other I’ve tried (and, believe me, I’ve tried a lot).

Address: Šetalište San Marco 77

Phone:+385 52 686 615

Hours: 11:00 – 22:00 daily, expect a full house if you arrive after 18:00

Dog friendly? Yes, on the huge patio.

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