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by gigigriffis
Gigi Gigi and Luna in Sedona

In 2012, I gave myself permission to do something wild.

I packed my bags, ditched my permanent address, and took my nearly two-year-old business and my pint-sized pooch on the road to live our lives against a backdrop of cobbled Italian squares, pretty French bistros, and jagged, breathtaking Swiss Alps.

In the years that followed, I found my mojo, shifted my business, got long-stay visas in four different countries, and faced my fears head-on.

Today, I’m still going strong.

So, how do I make my living on the road? I write.

I am primarily a copywriter and content strategist, which means I write websites, billboards, brochures, and white papers and develop strategies mostly for the tech, travel, and healthcare industries. (If you need any of those services,  let’s talk.)

And when I’m not doing client work? I write books.

I’m the author of 11 (yes, 11!) unconventional travel guides, a co-author on a Fodor’s guidebook, and an agented author with Fuse Literary writing edgy, feminist historical fiction about lady pirates, con artists, and little-known history. 

Gigi and Chad Gigi and Luna in Sedona

Oh, yeah. I live this wild, travel-filled life with my dog.

Yessir. My traveling pooch is called Luna. I met her on accident in 2009 right before my birthday, and she changed my life. Now, she’s a seasoned world-traveler and a trained therapy dog.

When she’s not sleeping in weird positions, Luna enjoys running like mad on sandy beaches, snoozing in European cafes, hiking big mountains, and falling in love with pretty much everyone she meets.

Okay, so the whole point…

I write this blog because the stuff I do seems daunting. Run a successful freelance business? Travel the world full-time on a budget? Take multi-week solo hikes through Europe? Cycle across whole countries? Cross borders with a small dog? 

They’re things people want to do. And they’re also things that don’t have well-worn roadmaps.

And so I tell my stories. Share my proverbial road maps.

To help you travel with your dog, understand the real cost of traveling Europe, find a hike you love, skip the tourist trap bullshit, or just live my unconventional life vicariously for a little while.

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Luna and Gigi Luna Griffis

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