Hey there, I’m Gigi

by Gigi Griffis

I’m the author of The Wicked Unseen (a horrifying mystery set during the US Satanic Panic), We Are The Beasts (my monster story about saving girls), And The Trees Stare Back (creepy folk horror set during Estonia’s Singing Revolution), and The Empress (as seen on Netflix).

I’m a sucker for little-known histories, unlikable female characters, and all things Europe. If I were in a horror movie, I’d be the sly old bog witch warning you to turn back—or maybe the fool who heard kittens in distress and went into the dark basement to get axe murdered. (RIP another dopey white girl.)

After almost ten years of semi-nomadic life, I’m based in moody Porto, Portugal, with my pint-sized pooch Luna. Before Portugal nestled its way into our hearts, she and I were digital nomads, living our lives against a backdrop of cobbled Italian squares, colorful French bistros, and jagged, breathtaking Swiss Alps. Now, we are nestling into community, tracing a new life in a new shape.

Gigi in Porto Gigi in Porto Gigi in Porto Gigi in Porto

I blog because the things I do seem daunting. Run a successful freelance business? Travel the world full-time on a budget? Take multi-week solo hikes through Europe? Cross borders with a small dog? Write a novel in just 20 days? (Okay, that last one really was daunting.)

They’re things people want to do, and they’re also things that often don’t have well-worn roadmaps. So this is where I tell my stories, share my proverbial roadmaps. To help you travel with your dog, understand the real cost of traveling Europe, find a hike you love, skip the tourist trap bullshit, or just live my unconventional life vicariously for a little while.

So strap in, dig through the blog, grab a book, or just say hi. Glad you’re here.

Gigi Gigi and Luna in Slovenia

You’ll like my adult books if…

you’re into European history, angst, and ironic humor.

You’ll like my YA books if…

you’re a fan of creepy mysteries, little-known histories, and girls getting shit done.

You’ll like this blog if…

you love natural landscapes, foodie adventures, dog travel, or philosophical meanderings.

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