The Wicked Unseen is coming for you (early reviews are here!)

by Gigi Griffis
The Wicked Unseen promo graphic: "So damn terrifying." - Sarah Mughal Rana, author of the forthcoming Letters for My Brown Self

Dear booksellers, librarians, reviewers, and media:

Did I mention that The Wicked Unseen is available for advance review on NetGalley? You can request a copy here and grab a full media kit here

For everyone else, I hope you’re getting excited. Here’s what some advance reviewers (authors, librarians, and editors) had to say about my YA debut (which you can learn more about and pre-order here!).

For those using screen readers, the full text of the reviews (from the above images) is below:

“Gigi Griffis writes such visceral, vibey, cool characters that stay with you for a long time…I never saw the twist coming at all…” — Emily Varga, author of the forthcoming For She Is Wrath

“So damn terrifying.” — Sarah Mughal Rana, author of the forthcoming Letters for My Brown Self

“I f*cking love it.” — Angel Di Zhang, author of the forthcoming The Light of the Eternal Spring

“Here’s the deal: started it at like 10 pm…and then couldn’t put it down and was up ’til like 4 am. Oh my god, that never happens. I can put any book down EXCEPT YOURS.” — M.K. Odier, screenwriter

“Loved it! Read it in two sittings.” — Daniela Petrova, author of Her Daughter’s Mother

“I think I held my breath for 80% of [this book].” – Elizabeth Brookbank, author and librarian

“Gigi Griffis’ The Wicked Unseen is a gloriously unsettling read filled with memorable characters and shocking reveals. This is chef’s kiss YA.” – Lani Frank, editor and author

“Dang! What a read! Read this one in mere hours and was sucked into it right away.” – RC, educator, NetGalley review

Learn more (and pre-order) now.

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