And the Trees Stare Back

by Gigi Griffis

She got her sister back from the cursed forest…but something’s wrong.

The soldiers call it the suicide forest. The locals call it cursed. Sixteen-year-old Vik calls it her backyard.

So, when Vik’s five-year-old sister wanders in and disappears, no one is surprised. Until five years later, when she walks out of the forest unharmed—and without having aged a day.

Vik is glad to have her sister back, but something’s wrong. Not only is she still five years old, but she won’t—or can’t—tell them what happened. And before she starts talking, she’s fallen into a coma, and it doesn’t look good.

The only way to know what happened—and to save her little sister—is for Vik to venture into the cursed forest herself. She’ll either save her sister or die trying.

Coming 2025!

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