by Gigi Griffis

The Wicked Unseen

In 1996, sixteen-year-old Audre is having trouble fitting into her new town, where everyone seems to believe there's a secret, Satanic cult doing rituals in the woods. But when the pastor's daughter—Audre's secret crush—goes missing, she starts to wonder if the town's obsession with evil isn't covering up something far worse.

“Gigi Griffis’ The Wicked Unseen is a gloriously unsettling read filled with memorable characters and shocking reveals. This is chef’s kiss YA.” – Lani Frank, editor and author

Coming June 20, 2023

The Wicked Unseen by Gigi Griffis

The Empress

“Griffis debuts with a sumptuous historical…[She] lends her leads admirable strengths and forgivable flaws and colors them in with plenty of lush period detail…Nothing in this story disappoints.” — Publishers Weekly

“A gem of a novel with a compelling feminist bent, The Empress blends political machinations and high-stakes family drama to craft a treat both for the head and the heart.” — Vaishnavi Patel,  New York Times bestselling author of Kaikeyi

“Quite simply delightful. In The Empress, Gigi Griffis has given us two sisters so spunky and unconventional that we want to crawl into the pages to join them, and palace intrigue enough to keep us turning pages late into the night.” — Meg Waite Clayton, international bestselling author of The Postmistress of Paris

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