The Wicked Unseen

by Gigi Griffis
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The Wicked Unseen by Gigi Griffis

Something wicked this way comes…

From the moment Audre arrives in rural Pennsylvania, it’s clear she won’t fit in. After all, her nose ring, horror movie obsession, and family’s Ouija board collection aren’t likely to endear her to a town convinced there’s a secret Satanic cult doing rituals in the nearby woods.

When the preacher’s daughter and Audre’s crush, Elle, goes missing on Halloween weekend, the town is quick to point fingers—in Audre’s direction. With the cops busy harassing her family for being nonbelievers and everyone else convinced demons are to blame, Audre realizes she might be the only person who can find her friend.

But the deeper Audre digs, the weirder it gets. Has Elle fallen victim to a Satanic ritual, or is the town’s obsession with the occult covering up something even more sinister?

“An absorbing mystery with strong characterization.” – Kirkus

“At times discomforting and chilling, and at others thrilling and empowering, The Wicked Unseen will be a popular addition to mystery and horror shelves.” – Booklist

“Griffis captures the reality of this 1980s and ’90s cultural moment with eerie resonance, and brisk pacing paired with clever mystery elements deliver.” – Publishers Weekly

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What people are saying…

“Gripping and hard to put down.” – Debra, a top-25 Goodreads reviewer

“Gigi Griffis writes such visceral, vibey, cool characters that stay with you for a long time…I never saw the twist coming at all…” — Emily Varga, author of the forthcoming For She Is Wrath

“So damn terrifying.” — Sarah Mughal Rana, author of the forthcoming Hope Ablaze

“I f*cking love it.” — Angel Di Zhang, author of the forthcoming The Light of the Eternal Spring 

“Here’s the deal: started it at like 10 pm…and then couldn’t put it down and was up ’til like 4 am. Oh my god, that never happens. I can put any book down EXCEPT YOURS.” — M.K. Odier, screenwriter

“Loved it! Read it in two sittings.” — Daniela Petrova, author of Her Daughter’s Mother 

“I think I held my breath for 80% of [this book].” – Elizabeth Brookbank, author and librarian

“Gigi Griffis’ The Wicked Unseen is a gloriously unsettling read filled with memorable characters and shocking reveals. This is chef’s kiss YA.” – Lani Frank, editor and author

“This is a hell of a debut novel.” – Goodreads review

“[It] had me ready to riot.” – Goodreads review

“A unique and thrilling experience for readers who enjoy spooky stories and nods to horror films.” – NetGalley review

“Definitely one of the best books this year.” – NetGalley review


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