Listen to an exclusive sample of The Wicked Unseen audiobook

by Gigi Griffis
Booklist review for The Wicked Unseen (see Booklist for full review)

Calling all audiobook aficionados!

Next week, The Wicked Unseen hits bookshelves across the US…and it’s available in audiobook too. 

As a huge fan of audio (about 60% of my reading is in that format), I am so beyond thrilled to tell you that the narrators knocked it out of the park. And today I’m bringing you an exclusive sneak peek at the very first chapter. Toss on your earbuds, press play, and then pre-order on your favorite audiobook site.

Huge thanks to Elena Rey, who voiced our snarky, horror-loving heroine, and Orli Moscowitz, audio producer.

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