Content warnings

by Gigi Griffis

Hey there, fabulous readers:

Below, you’ll find content warnings for all my books. As a trauma survivor myself, it’s super important to me that you know what kinds of themes and situations I’m writing about and that you feel safe and good reading. It’s also always my goal to explore these things with sensitivity and care, never sensationalized or treated as a throwaway plot point.

It’s okay to opt out of any book or piece of media that has a topic that triggers you – before reading, during reading, or literally anytime! Take care of yourselves, friends. 

The Wicked Unseen

The Wicked Unseen is a horror/thriller novel about a town that believes in satanic cults and a girl who disappears. Accordingly, there are typical horror/thriller moments of violence and the fear of violence, as well as discussions of death, murder, and disappearance. Violence is not graphic.

The novel also contains discussions of abuse (physical, mental, emotional), control, and religious trauma. Characters deal with (and call out) some homophobia, racism, and misogyny. Police violence is mentioned, though not shown on page. Police misconduct is both mentioned and shown on page. There is an early scene set inside a Hell House with actors dramatizing suicide and abortion (there is no real suicide or abortion shown or discussed).

We Are the Beasts

We Are the Beasts is a horror/thriller novel set during the (real, historical) reign of terror of the beast of Gevaudan, in which 100 – 200 people were harmed by a mysterious beast in the French countryside. As you might expect, this means it contains some depictions of violence (both animal and human) and discussions of dead bodies/death. 

The novel also contains religious abuse, misogyny, racism, homophobia, mental/emotional abuse, and abandonment. There are mentions of sexual assault (though none shown on page). The main character experiences flashbacks, nightmares, intrusive thoughts, and other symptoms of PTSD. 

The Empress

The Empress is primarily historical romance about star-crossed lovers who were never meant to be. That said, there are some moments and themes you may want to be aware of, including animal death, discussion of an assassination attempt and related PTSD nightmares and flashbacks, on-page sex and masturbation, a “virginity check” scene, and some mild self harm. 

If you’ve read one of my books and feel I missed something important in the above warnings, please let me know

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