Are dogs allowed in restaurants in France?

by Gigi Griffis
dog exploring France

Are dogs allowed in restaurants in France?

As an American who spends most of her time in Europe, this is a question I hear a lot. Where can I take my dog? Is Europe dog-friendly? I’ve heard dogs can come into French cafes – is it true?

The short answer (and the good news) is yes. Yes, dogs are generally allowed in restaurants in France. They’re also generally allowed in cafes, ice cream shops, bars, shops, and on public transportation (sometimes in a bag or wearing a muzzle; check the site of the bus or train company you plan to travel with).

In fact, the only places I’ve consistently not seen dogs are in grocery stores, churches, and museums. The only type of restaurant in France that typically seems to ban dogs is Asian restaurants. So if you’re going out for sushi, call ahead to make sure your pooch is welcome.

Now, the one caveat here is that there are some restaurants where dogs are not welcome. The good news is that they’re almost always clearly marked. Look for a no-dogs sign on the door and if you don’t see one, you’re probably fine. If you’re feeling nervous or making a reservation, just ask when you reserve. Overall, you’ll find France is a very dog-friendly place.

dog in restaurant in France

Gigi and Luna in paris dog at the Eiffel Tower

So, can you take your dogs in restaurants in France?

Yes! Just watch for signs on individual restaurant doors.

A few of my favorite dog-friendly restaurants in France:

:: Frenchie Bar à Vins (Paris)

:: Philippe Excoffier (Paris)

:: Mariage Freres (Paris)

:: Colorova (Paris)

:: La Fleur de Sel (Dinan)

:: Troquet des Mouettes (Grenoble)

:: La Ferme à Dédé (Grenoble)

Excellent resources for traveling with your dog in France

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:: Taking the train in France with your small dog

:: Visiting France with a small dog (specific tips for many towns)

:: A small packable mat for taking your dog to restaurants in France (I do something similar)

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