Grenoble farmers market

by Gigi Griffis

Sweet muscat grapes that burst in your mouth. Juicy rotisserie chickens that practically melt off the bone. Tiny, single-serving cakes with gooey centers. And fresh veggies galore.

If you’re going to Grenoble, you’ve just gotten lucky, because the Grenoble farmers market is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Visit on a Friday or Saturday and spend hours browsing, re-usable bags in hand, before you head to the park for a picnic lunch or make your way back to an apartment to cook up a proper dinner with your market bounty.

Some of my personal favorite treats? Rotisserie chickens (so juicy!), the single-serving chocolate cakes with gooey centers (pictured above with a spoon sticking out of the middle), and the many varietals of grapes that were in season during out autumn visit.

How to get to the Grenoble farmers market

The market runs along Rue Joseph Ray under the rail bridge at the Rue Nicolas Chorier intersection.

When to go

It’s closed on Mondays but there are at least a few stalls out most other days. The big market days are Fridays and Saturdays. Go then to experience the real deal.

What to expect

Fresh produce, rotisserie chickens, wine, cheese, meats, dried fruits, herbs, honey, nuts, olives, teas, breads, and pretty much anything else you can imagine!


Some vendors speak English, but mostly you’ll need to practice your French or pantomime.

Grenoble farmers market

Grenoble farmers market bakery Grenoble farmers market spreads

fresh market grenoble Grenoble fresh market plants

radishes at the Grenoble fresh market

Grenoble farmers market farmers market in Grenoble

Grenoble pears Grenoble nectarines

Grenoble farmers market

raspberries grenoble farmers market coing grenoble

What (else) to do in Grenoble

Have a meal (or two) at Troquet des Mouettes and another at La Ferme à Dédé. Day trip to Annecy on a Friday for the farmers market. And if you like cycling, the riverside paths are a peaceful place to spend a day.

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Grenoble farmers market

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