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by Gigi Griffis
mostar farmers market fare

The last time I wrote about the Mostar farmers market, I called it a hidden foodie gem. And now, a couple years later, it’s still one of the best markets I’ve been to in Europe (which is really saying something).

But here’s the catch: It’s hard to find unless you know where to look. (Don’t worry – I’ve got a map link below.)

Once you do get there, though, expect an incredible bounty. Oranges from Croatia. Herbs and veggies locally grown. Smelly local cheeses lining the walls. Piles of fresh produce in bright reds and greens and purples.

The vendors don’t speak English for the most part, but they’re cheerful and lovely as can be. Expect a lot of pantomiming and laughter and probably misunderstanding the prices (but don’t worry, they’re always cheap).

How to get there

The market is in a covered pavilion beside the Super Konzum at Splitska 60. Keep in mind that Mostar’s streets are not marked (seriously, there are no street signs here), so you’ll either need a good set of directions based on landmarks, some patient locals willing to point you in the right direction, or a phone with GPS to guide you along the way.

When to go

I was never able to find out if the market had set hours, but it was open every morning that I cycled myself over. For most European markets, Saturday is the big day to go, so we mostly headed out there on weekends.

What to expect

Fresh produce, herbs, oils, eggs, whole chickens, plants, flowers, nuts, honey, bread, cheeses, meats, clothes, candles, and sometimes milk.


You won’t find much English here. If you don’t speak Bosnian (neither do I), expect to pantomime your way through. (It’s really no problem; every vendor was exceedingly patient with us and I got a general sense they were curious and excited to have travelers stumble upon what is a decidedly local event.)

herbs at mostar farmers market

Mostar farmers market Mostar farmers market

Mostar farmers market Mostar farmers market

mostar farmers market

Mostar farmers market Mostar farmers market

Mostar farmers market Mostar farmers market

Mostar farmers market

Mostar farmers market Mostar farmers market

Looking for other foodie things to do in or near Mostar? I loved this cooking class in a wild, secluded cabin in the mountains above the city.

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Mostar farmers market Mostar farmers market

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