Marché Saint-Germain: French truffles & a butcher knight

by Gigi Griffis
Saint Germain market

In France, if you are truly spectacular at your craft, you may one day be knighted by the Prime Minister. Which is exactly what happened to the spectacular butcher at the marché couvert Saint-Germain.

Head to the market and see for yourself. Nestled at the center of the back of the market, the butcher’s stall is covered in heavy metal awards and certificates of excellence. There are at least three types of chickens and every cut of French beef you can imagine.

If you’re buying meat while in Paris, you might as well buy it from a butcher knight.

And he’s not the only stunner at this little marché. The cheese vendor’s spread is impressive and delicious. The truffle vendor serves up truffle butter that’ll make you close your eyes and lose your train of thought (Chad says if he lived in Paris, he’d buy it weekly). And there’s plenty of fresh produce to round out a meal.

Checking the market out for yourself? Here are the details:

How to get to Marché Saint-Germain

The market is in a beautiful building surrounded by arches at 4 – 6 Rue Lobineau.

When to go

Opening hours are 8:00 – 20:00 Tuesday to Saturday and 8:00 to 13:30 on Sundays. Closed Mondays.

What to expect

Truffle butter, truffle gouda, truffle pate, fresh truffles, truffle-infused eggs, a wide variety of cheeses, fruits, vegetables, charcuterie, whole chickens, freshly butchered meats.


French is obviously the official language here, but some vendors (including the truffle vendor) speak English.

Marche Saint-Germain

Marche Saint-Germain Marche Saint-Germain

What (else) to do in Paris

In between meals, I love to wander through the cobbled lanes of Montmartre or along the Seine. Le Marais is also a lively, lovely little neighborhood to explore.

At mealtimes, you’ll find me at Frenchie Bar à Vins, Philippe Excoffier, or Colorova. For a snack (or tea), Mariage Frères is a long-time favorite.

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