Mariage Frères tea rooms in Paris

by Gigi Griffis
Mariage Freres

There are a few places in Paris that I just can’t resist returning to again and again.

There’s Frenchie Bar a Vins for small plates and good wine. Restaurant Philippe Excoffier for fine dining. And, for a leisurely afternoon, there’s Mariage Frères.

There are multiple locations in Paris and I’ve eaten at two (and shopped for looseleaf tea at the third; their Christmas tea is to die for). Each time I’ve skipped straight over the savory menu (though I’m sure it’s lovely) and gone straight to the sweets: macarons, sorbets, and all manner of other desserts infused with Mariage Frères’ extensive selection of teas. Every time, the flavors are a delight – unusual and light and satisfying with or without the accompaniment of a pot of actual tea.

It’s the perfect place to meet a friend or business acquaintance for something light and deeply satisfying.

Note that the Le Marais and Étoile locations feature full menus and the Louvre, Tour Eiffel, and Rive Gauche locations offers desserts and tea only.

Address and phone: Multiple locations (addresses, hours, and phone numbers here).

Dog friendly? Yes!

Mariage Freres afternoon tea tea and snacks at Mariage Freres

Mariage Freres afternoon tea Mariage Freres afternoon tea

What (else) to do in Paris

Wander the pretty neighborhoods of Montmartre and Le Marais. Have an elegant lunch or dinner at Restaurant Philippe Excoffier near the Eiffel Tower and a more laid-back, though equally as delicious dinner at my favorite wine bar: Frenchie Bar a Vins.

My favorite spot for breakfast is Colorova. And my favorite farmers markets are the one near Metro Anvers in Montmartre and the covered market in Saint-Germain.

Also, anything Danielle Perrin suggests is worth checking out. She’s the person who’s pointed me toward almost all my favorite Parisian restaurants.

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Mariage Freres

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