Breakfast (and a bed) at 25hours Hotel Vienna at MuseumsQuartier

by Gigi Griffis
breakfast at 25Hours Hotel Vienna

My stay at this hotels was discounted in exchange for an honest review over on my other blog. They have no idea I’m writing about them here and opinions are my own in both places.

If you’re searching for the best breakfast in Vienna, this might be it.

The spread at 25Hours Hotel Vienna wraps around a large four-sided bar surrounded by comfortable, arty tables and decor. Bread baskets overflow with savory rolls and pretzel bread. Cutting boards are laid with local cheeses, meats, and sweet cakes. And jars filled with nuts, dried fruits, and homemade nutella tilt invitingly toward diners as we browse.

25Hours is a hotel chain that I return to again and again, largely because I know their breakfast will be epic. (Not to mention that the rooms are always comfy and there’s usually a free sauna.)

So, if you’re looking for breakfast in Vienna? Stay here. And even if you’re not staying here? As I understand it, you can also come by and buy yourself the breakfast buffet as a non-guest. Call ahead to double-check that this is still the policy.

Address:Lerchenfelder Str. 1/3, Vienna

Phone: +43 1 521510

Price range: Rooms start around $150 per night. They are pet-friendly, but there is an extra fee (pets are welcome both in your room and at breakfast).

Check out 25Hours MuseumsQuartier in Vienna here.

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