Great coffee, good food: Gramme in Le Marais (Paris)

by Gigi Griffis
granola and yogurt with fruit

In May 2023, I had the distinct pleasure of finally staying in the Le Marais neighborhood (read: the gayborhood) in Paris. I’d long loved the cute streets full of boutiques and eateries, the proximity to the river, the quirky atmosphere, but this was the first trip where I found a place there that wouldn’t smash my bank account to utter pieces. 

I jumped at the opportunity and I was rewarded. With rainbow crosswalks and quiet courtyards and flea markets. And this little gem of a breakfast spot, where I spent one happy morning studying Portuguese and savoring my meal.

The place is called Gramme. It’s a tiny space on a rather quiet street with dark wood tables and a cramped but jovial interior. The coffee is to die for (even if you just want takeaway, do yourself a favor and grab it here). The lassi/yogurt granola dish with rhubarb and strawberries was absolutely satisfying. And while the bahn mi dog didn’t thrill me quite as much as my other two orders, it was still quite good (and if you are looking for a savory breakfast, there you have it).

I also found the service very lovely. Everyone seemed in a good mood (not always a given in Paris).

100% would go back and if you are staying in the gayborhood, I recommend giving Gramme a bit of your business. Even if there’s a line; it’s worth the wait.

Address: 86 Rue des Archives

Online booking.

Hours: Tuesday to Friday 9:00 – 17:00; Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 17:00; closed Mondays.

Price range: A latte and two dishes cost me about 30 euros.

Dog friendly? Yes! Luna wasn’t with me (she opted to sleep in at the apartment), but I saw other dogs enter the establishment.

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