Beautiful Spaces: Where I Stayed in Interlaken, Switzerland (Goats Included)

by gigigriffis

Welcome back to Beautiful Spaces—a series of posts in which I talk about the places where I stay during my travels. It all started in 2013 when I realized that my contentment on the road is directly connected to how much I love where I’m living…and so made a commitment to find beautiful spaces to call home along the way. This is one such space.

This spring, I was lucky enough to stumble upon an old, renovated farmhouse right in the center of Interlaken where the wonderful owner, Vera, was renting out rooms both for long-term stays at local prices and via Airbnb at reasonable short-stay prices.

This is the place where I met the soap opera-esque goats, where I spent happy early mornings waking to a slow sunrise, and where I spent long hours talking about art, nature, animals, travel, and philosophy with the wonderful, thoughtful owner.

It’s also a place I highly recommend for those who, like me, love nature, mountain views, fresh air, and the idea of living with two quirky, hilarious goats.

Room in a farmhouse




Goat feed



Interested in staying with Vera?

Not only does she have some lovely Airbnb rooms for rent, but she also offers very reasonable pricing for artists, creatives, and self-employed travelers who want to stay for a longer time and who are willing to occasionally help out with the goats, garden, and Airbnb check-ins (a pretty easy job).

For short stays, head over to Airbnb using the link above (or, if you’re new to Airbnb, join using this link and you and I will both get a credit!). Short-stay prices start at about $100 a night. And longer stays for artists, creatives, and self-employed people who are willing to do a little goat-sitting and helping out around the house? Well, if you are the right fit, your stay could even be free. If you’re interested in a longer stay, you can contact Vera directly through her website.

Going to Switzerland? Grab a copy of my brand new unconventional guide: Switzerland: 100 Locals Tell You Where to Go, What to Hike, & How to Fit In.

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