Zagreb’s Dolac Fresh Market: A Photo Essay

Nov 28, 2018    /    get off the beaten track, stories & photos

One of the first things I do when I visit a new city is head to the local fresh market. In Europe, they’re pretty much everywhere (even in tiny out-of-the-way places) and often they’re wildly impressive. And Zagreb is no exception.

The massive Dolac Fresh Market, located in one of the town’s main squares, is split into two. Up a staircase in the square you’ll find row after row of honey, produce, nuts, and dried fruits, with rows of flowers, cheeses, and clothing running off into alleys and down staircases. Below all this, in an indoor market area, the butchers and cheesemakers and bakers sell their wares. Both levels are well worth a visit, even if you only grab some local honey to take with you or fresh fruit for a snack.

What you’ll find: fresh seasonal produce, honey, nuts, cheeses, meats, bread, pastries, marinated olives, dried fruits, meats, whole chickens.

To get there: Here’s the Google Maps listing. It’s right in the heart of Old Town.

When to go: Daily in the mornings, but Saturdays are the largest day.

Language: Croatian. Occasionally you’ll find an English speaker, but not every vendor is multi-lingual, so go expecting to pantomime.

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All photos taken with my Sony a6000.

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  • Judy Spinney
    November 28, 2018

    The displays are a work of art.

    • gigigriffis
      November 29, 2018

      Yes! I love how beautiful fresh markets are.

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