Photo Essay: Working Hard in Arizona

Apr 21, 2016    /    digital nomads + full-time travel, stories & photos

One of the things I love about being a full-time traveler is the wide variety of places I get to work. I find that I’m at my most creative when my workspace is constantly changing, always new. And while it can be frustrating trying to find decent Wi-Fi around the world, changing office spaces constantly is a real joy.

Today, I thought I’d share some of my Arizona “office spaces” with you.


Gigi reading

Chad and Luna workday

Luna working hard

Working in a coffee shop

Working morning with Kurt Vonnegut

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Books pictured: Life From Scratch, Mother Night, The Man in the High Castle, and The Plot Against America.

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All photos taken with my Sony a6000.

Interested in Arizona? I’m working on an unconventional guidebook. Be the first to know when it hits a bookshelf near you.

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