Colorado & Arizona: 100 Locals Tell You Where to Go, What to Hike, & How to Fit In

by Gigi Griffis

Ever wish you had a local friend out west? Someone to show you around?

Wish granted.

Here come the latest 100 Locals guides, for Phoenix & Tucson, Denver & Surroundings, and Northern Arizona.

Filled with 10 interviews with people who live, work, and adventure in Colorado and Arizona, these three regional travel guides will give you:

  • Directions to hidden-away, local-loved cafes, restaurants, and bars
  • Lists of lesser-known attractions and info on which big attractions are worth seeing—and which aren’t
  • Unique and interesting day trip suggestions
  • Tips for how to make friends, save money, and fit in with the local culture
  • And so much more

It’s time to experience authentic, local Colorado and Arizona—through the eyes of those who have lived there for years.


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What People Are Saying About the 100 Locals Guides…

“This is a great travel book and a really novel idea at how to ‘really’ get to know a place by talking to the locals with the insider knowledge. I actually live in Switzerland but found the excerpts from locals really helpful when going to a place. For example the locals who were interviewed in the book give you tips on where to eat, how to avoid the crowds, what paths or trails take you to the best views. I like the way it is put together and it easy to find what you are looking for. Definitely recommend it, a much nicer way to discover a new place rather than reading about the experience of a travel writer who just passed through the place for a few days. We all want to find those ‘hidden secret spots’ that only the locals know… well here you have the key to that!.” – Liam P. via Amazon

“Gigi Griffis brings the art of story telling and travel to the page like the ancient legends that were passed down from generation to generation-through the people themselves and their personal experience and perspective. It is more than just the matter-of fact here are the places to go, it is like sitting in a cafe and talking to a friend about their latest travel experience or being in a new land and meeting a new friends that gives you all the scoop on the places you came to see but also the ones that are not on the beaten path. It is a travel gem and I highly recommend it!!” – Wanda L. via Amazon

“I love everything about this book — the engaging style, the choice of subjects, the depth of the research — everything. I’ve spent a lot of time in Switzerland, and this is the book that gives travelers the very best approach to the country. As I read it, I was constantly saying “yes! THAT!” :D I’ll be happily giving this book to everyone I know that’s planning a trip to Switzerland — it’s that fantastic a reference. So good!” -Netterino on Amazon

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