Ljubljana’s Big, Beautiful Fresh Market

by Gigi Griffis

In case you’re new around here, I should start by saying that I adore fresh markets.

Everything about them enthralls me. The sleek eggs stacked in pyramids. Bright red tomatoes begging to be made into bruschetta. Jars of honey shimmering golden in the morning light.

Fresh markets are my happy place.

Which is why I’m pleased to say that the fresh market we had access to every day in Ljubljana was an utterly wonderful one, full of cheerful vendors, sweet peaches, piles of perfectly brown potatoes, homemade banana bread, vitamin-packed quail eggs, and pretty much any other farmers’ market delight you can imagine.

If you’re headed to Slovenia, I highly recommend it.

What you’ll find: fresh seasonal produce, eggs, honey, nuts, herbs, plants, flowers, oils, cheeses, salted meats, fresh fish, bread, milk, artisanal ghee, homemade nutella, forest strawberries, clothes, food trucks.

To get there: From the three bridges, face the castle and cross the bridges. Turn left and walk along the river and the organic portion of the market will be on your right almost immediately. To get to the rest of the market, go up the steps behind some of the booths and make a left to walk through an alley and into a large open area full of booths. There are also indoor markets full of cheese, meat, and fish vendors. To find the entrance to the indoor markets, ask a local to point the way.

When to go: There are a few stalls open most days, but the big market morning with the organic market and many many more open stalls happens on Saturday morning.

Language: English is widely spoken here.

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red and orange tomatoes


tomatoes green




quail eggs




little onions

baskets of produce


market shot


market finds

All photos taken with my Sony a6000.

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