Where to eat in Paris: Frenchie Pigalle

by Gigi Griffis
Dessert at Frenchie Pigalle

It’s no secret that Frenchie Bar a Vins is one of my favorite Paris restaurants. Take me there for the early seating, share some wines and small plates, and I am putty in your metaphorical hands. 

So when I knew I was heading back to Paris for the first time since the pandemic hit, the first meal I planned was that one. I’d head back across town and plant myself in front of Frenchie Bar a Vins (because you can’t make reservations) to get first seating with the early diners.

That morning, I left my apartment, confident in my plan…until I saw a familiar restaurant name only a block from where I was staying.

Could it be? Another Frenchie restaurant? 

After my morning coffee, I confirmed it online: the owner of the three existing Frenchie restaurants had opened a new sister spot and it just so happened to be on my block.

Serendipity? I thought so. And so down I went at 18:30 to beat any crowds to the first seating.

It didn’t disappoint.

The menu has plenty of nods to its sister cuisine across town, including my absolute favorite: the sweetbread nuggets. This time served up with a tangy cream and caviar. The peach dessert, with peach sorbet and light cream on a bed of cake and meringues was also a familiar one. And the format of the restaurant, where there are no reservations and a great wine list, also harkened to its beloved sister spot.

I was, as you might expect, sold. So sold, in fact, that I made a friend go back with me for a second time two nights later. Because what good is it being in Paris if you can’t go back and make sure you order everything on the menu?

Heading to Paris yourself? Don’t miss out on at least one of the Frenchies. Try the Bar a Vins if you’re nearby or want to grab a seat by the window and watch the chefs assemble the meals (which is fascinating). Head to Frenchie Pigalle (this one) for a bigger space and less crowds (plus outdoor seating!). Try to book a table at the main restaurant if you have some cash to spare and love a fine dining, multi-course experience. Or pop into their little takeaway spot for a different experience.

Bon appetit!

Address: 29 Rue Victor Massé

Phone: +33 1 85 73 10 46

Hours: 18:30 – 23:00 every day 

Dog friendly? Yes. Luna joined me and snoozed under the table.

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