Week Seven: How to Launch Your New WordPress Website

Sep 29, 2018    /    start your own website/blog

The marathon fairies are excited for your launch!

Welcome to the Free Online DIY Website Workshop—a seven-session course that’ll help you launch a website (even if technology baffles you). If you’re just now joining us, I recommend starting at week one.

Welcome to week seven!

You’re finally here!

The site is beautiful. It has content in it. And now all that’s left is tightening up any final tweaks, learning how to maintain and track it over time, and launching your new site for all the world to see.

Let’s get started.

Session One: A Larger SEO Overview

:: Download the worksheet
:: Learn to do your own keyword research

Session Two: Interpreting Your Google Analytics

Session Three: Plugins for Bloggers

Before You Launch…

Test how your site looks on different browsers and screen sizes with a browser emulator (if something doesn’t look right, it’s time to troubleshoot by contacting theme support, searching on Google for your specific issue, consulting the Facebook group, or getting some professional help).

Session Four: Launch!

Session Five: What Happens Next?

Additional Resources:

:: Planning on doing some affiliate marketing with your blog? Most people start with Amazon. Here are the basics.

:: Basic HTML and site troubleshooting.

:: Check your site for broken links.

:: If you’d like to get more in depth with keyword research, here’s another great article.


If you run into a question or need clarification along the way, stop by the Facebook group. And don’t forget to pay it forward – if someone else helps you, try to help others along the way if you can.

For Individual Feedback…

If you would like some one-on-one consulting, feel free to reach out anytime! Hourly consulting costs $100 per hour and if you need a little more help, I’d be happy to send you a fixed bid based on your specific project.

What’s Next

I do site audits where I look at everything from headlines to navigation to SEO and offer 5 – 10 suggestions for what you can do to improve the site based on your specific goals. If that sounds interesting, let me know! The cost for a five-page audit is $500.

Share Your Sites!

Finally, congrats on your launch! Once your website is out there for the world to see, I’d love to see it too! Please pop back over here and leave your site in the comments!

how to build a website how to build a website without tech experience

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