The Wicked Unseen in the press

by Gigi Griffis

My young adult horror debut is about to turn one month old! That’s one month that you’ve been buying, reading, supporting, and listening to me scream about my dark, funny story about a girl’s disappearance during the Satanic Panic.

In that time, I’ve been busy sharing my thoughts in essays and interviews. Talking about my own relationship with the Satanic Panic. The importance of teen books that deal with difficult things like abuse. And how I am actually the last person you’d expect to pen a horror novel (and yet here we are).

In case you’re curious, here are those essays:

I grew up in the Satanic Panic—and it’s happening again

Hop over to Salon for an essay about my childhood during the Satanic Panic and the parallels I see happening today.

Handle with Care: “delicate” topics in books for teens

How can writers navigate topics like domestic violence, abuse, mental health, etc.? Here are some thoughts.

The tale of an accidental horror writer

Join me on Crime Reads to hear about how I went from extreme chicken to horror novelist.

P.S. If you’ve read the book, please go leave an Amazon review! It’s the #1 thing you can do to support me.

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