It’s spooky season! Ward off evil with a book

by Gigi Griffis
Book: THE WICKED UNSEEN on a shelf next to a skull

Happy nearly-Halloween! 

I hope you are cozied up with scarves and hot beverages and fall vibes, ready for spooky season to commence. And if you haven’t already grabbed your copy of The Wicked Unseen, may I humbly suggest that this is your moment?

Expect: cult rumors, horror movie vibes, Satanic Panic deep cuts, an Addams Family tribute, and characters who might just surprise you.

And if you’ve already devoured The Wicked Unseen and are looking for more spooky season recommendations, scroll down for some of my favs:

BAD WITCH BURNING: When a poor teen realizes she can raise the dead, she hatches a get-rich-quick scheme that goes terribly wrong. 

VICIOUS: What if the worst people you know gave themselves superpowers? When two arrogant college boys do so, they become arch-rivals.

THREE DARK CROWNS: In a world where sisters must fight to the death for their place on the throne, one group of triplets upsets centuries of order by not playing fair.

THE RAVEN BOYS: Four friends embark on a frequently-creepy quest to find the burial place of a Welsh king.

HIDE: When a collection of strangers are recruited to play hide and seek in an old amusement park, they think it’s probably a secret reality show. The truth is much darker.

THEY NEVER LEARN: She’s a Dexter-esque female serial killer and a college professor. They’re the men who wrong women. And she’s taking them out one by one.

JONATHAN STRANGE & MR. NORRELL: Two magicians are destined to bring magic back to England. But at what cost?

SHE’S TOO PRETTY TO BURN: When an unexpected new girl enters the lives of two artists, at first it seems like the recipe for romance and friendship. Soon, it leads to arson…and worse.

WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING: Something (even more) sinister is going on behind the gentrification of the neighborhood in this fast-paced book that toes the line between thriller and horror.

Happy spooky season!

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