Snapshots from New York City

by Gigi Griffis

About 10 years ago, I lived in New York. First, in a living room in Astoria, Queens. Then in another living room in Manhattan on the Lower East Side. Then, when I tired of living rooms, in a studio in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Next week, my New York City guidebook hits the shelves. It’s my first North American guide and I’m really happy that it’s for one of my favorite American cities.

In honor of that upcoming launch, here are some snapshots from my early twenties life in New York.

New York streetscape

bikes train tracks

Coney Island

bench playground


NYC bridge view

blue skies and bridges

veggie stand



door train


mannequins and hats

kids kid jumping

pigeon shadow

NYC skyline at night

Brooklyn bridge at night

Going to NYC soon? Be one of the first to grab a copy of my new guidebook.

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