Kotor market: a daily foodie treat in Montenegro’s most popular bay

by Gigi Griffis
kotor market

If you know me, you know farmers markets are my jam.

They’re the first thing I seek out in a new place. They’re something I make time for even if they’re much less convenient than the local supermarket. They’re often something I plan a whole day trip around.

A good fresh market is well worth a day trip.

Luckily for me, Kotor’s market is a great one. And so our spring spent along the coast of the Bay of Kotor was full of handmade candies, bags and soft, sun-dried figs, and huge pink tomatoes slow-cooked down to sauce.

If you’re headed to Kotor yourself, the market is well worth an hour or two of your day.

How to get to the Kotor market

Good news: The market is extremely easy to find. It’s just outside the Kotor city walls. If you’re outside the town and facing the main entrance, the market is just along the walls to your right, partially covered under a long alcove and partially sprawled along the walkway.

When to go

Saturday mornings are the biggest and best of the market, but you’ll find at least a few stands open every other morning. The earlier you go, the less crowded it’ll be. Especially on cruise ship days. The market opens around 7:00 a.m.m and closes around 2:00 p.m.

What to expect

The local version of handmade Turkish delights, figs (gazillions of figs), fruit, veggies, herbs, plants, handmade soap, cheese (try the local version of Parmesan, which is creamier than the Italian kind), salted meats, fish, honey, nuts, wines, and liquors.


The local language is Montenegran, but you’ll find plenty of English speakers at the market. And those who don’t speak English are very happy to pantomime with buyers.

Kotor market fruit

Kotor market veggies Kotor market tomatoes

Kotor market strawberries

Kotor market Kotor market

Kotor market Kotor market

Kotor market

What (else) to do in Kotor

Kotor’s fortress hike is probably the most popular thing to do in town (and for good reason). For hikers who prefer to avoid the crowds, across the bay (about a 20-minute walk from Old Town), you’ll find another set of switchbacks leading up to an abandoned WWI fort that’s been reclaimed by nature.

To sneak away from the cruise ship crowds, take a bus or taxi to Dobrota, a town a few minutes up the road from Kotor. There’s a waterfront hotel restaurant called Forza Terra with stunning views (the food isn’t worth writing home about, though, so perhaps have a drink instead).

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Kotor market

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