How Much Does It Cost to Spend a Month in the Soca Valley (Kobarid, Slovenia)?

by Gigi Griffis

After two weeks in Ljubljana and a few days in Lake Bled, my next stop in Slovenia was a small town called Kobarid in the popular adventure and outdoor sports haven of the Soca Valley. Here, I spent a month finishing up my France guide, rafting, canyoning, hiking, and, let’s be honest, binge watching some Hulu because writing the France guide wore me out.

As usual, I also spent time tracking my spending so that I could share my monthly budget with you. Thus, you’ll find my budget for a month in Kobarid below.

In case you’re new to these budget posts, a few things to keep in mind:

First, I’m working while I’m traveling, which means someone spending all their time enjoying the valley, taking day trips, and eating out is likely to spend a lot more.

Second, I fall somewhere in between the extreme budget travelers and the luxury crowd. I don’t stay in hotels (usually) and I don’t couchsurf. This means that while you can easily spend more than I do, you can also easily spend a lot less by always eating in, couchsurfing or staying in dorms or at campgrounds.

Third, the below budget is just my day-to-day expenses. It doesn’t include yearly health insurance premiums, business expenses, etc. For details on how I manage those during full-time travel, visit this extensive post.

Okay. Now, onto what I spent on my month in Kobarid, Slovenia:

Category Euros Dollars
Accommodations 665.37 $747.57
Transportation 10.38 $11.66
Groceries & supplies 354.48 $398.27
Eating/drinking out 169.72 $190.69
Luna (vet bills, supplies) 65.95 $74.10
Totals 1265.90 $1422.30

Notes on my spending:

In an unusual move, I spent this month in a hostel instead of an apartment. Mostly this was because the apartment options were either booked, too far from town, or surprisingly expensive. The reason the hostel was so affordable is because they extended the off-season rate (20 euros per night) to me in exchange for a review here on the blog (which you’ll see around here soon). So the above price is what you could expect to pay outside the main tourist season. Expect more if you’re headed there in July or August.

The kind hostel also covered my laundry, but if you’re adding that into your budget expect about five euros per load.

You’ll notice that transportation is crazy low this month. In part, this is because of my bicycle, which I used a number of times instead of taking the bus from town to town. In part, this is because bus and train tickets in Slovenia are wonderfully affordable—a few dollars for a short train journey and even less for a bus.

As for eating and drinking out, the above number includes three very nice dinners (at the nicest restaurants in town), as well as pizzas, hamburgers, and coffees once or twice weekly. Prices were so good for so many things ($5 for a medium-sized pizza; $1 for a glass of Prosecco) that I didn’t hold back and eat in as much as I normally do.

Luna’s budget line includes several vet visits to get heartworm pills, deal with an allergic reaction, and get her teeth cleaned. For those who aren’t familiar with vet pricing, the above is shockingly cheap for all of that.

Finally, one thing I didn’t include above is a haircut. In case you’re interested, a haircut in small-town Slovenia costs about 30 euros.

Interested in seeing more travel budgets? You’ll find them all here.

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Dear Gigi and Luna, Kobarid is such a nice place to stay a month there. Prices are reasonable, food is extremely good. Have you tasted Kobarid dumplings on of the most known sweet desserts in Soca valley? For sure, bicycle is a must in Soca valley ;) Welcome back anytime to Slovenia and experience more of Soca valley. Vesna

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