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France: 100 Locals Tell You Where to Go, What to Eat, and How to Fit In

Want to experience France as only a local could?

This guide’s for you.

Filled with 100 interviews with people who live, work, and adventure in France, this book will give you:

  • Addresses for hidden-away restaurants and bakeries with the best French fare
  • Lists of must-try dishes and wines (and where to find them)
  • Day trip suggestions for the most charming countryside towns, the most historically significant castles, and the most interesting walking paths in France
  • Tips for how to make friends and fit in with the local culture
  • And so much more

It’s time to experience authentic, local France—through the eyes of those who have lived there for years.

Read a sample here.

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Buy it Now:        Full-Color PDF         Kindle (.mobi)         Paperback

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What People Are Saying about the 100 Locals guides…

“I love it. What to eat? Where to meet people? What to see & photograph. All things that matter to most people, especially solo travelers, and are not well addressed in other guidebooks.“ – Rob Philip

“She asks the eternal question of ‘what to do,’ sure. The difference is *who* she asks: clearly, the most delightful, enthusiastically interesting and deeply engaged people she has come across in her singularly extensive travels. They, predictably, have the raddest answers. They are niche answers. They are answers from people who really, really LOVE their particular slicelet of the country. And they are totally captivating. Loved it.” – Netterino on Amazon

“it is like sitting in a cafe and talking to a friend about their latest travel experience or being in a new land and meeting a new friends that gives you all the scoop on the places you came to see but also the ones that are not on the beaten path. “ – Wanda L. via Amazon

“I wish every country had a guide like this!” – LouLouFrance on Amazon