How to Build a Website (Even If You’re Not a Tech Genius)

by Gigi Griffis

If you’ve been reading for awhile, you already know that the way I make my living while traveling full-time is this:

I craft content strategies, write content, and build websites.

I started blogging when I was 14 (before blogging was even a term), built my first website from scratch about a year later, landed my first paying web job (coding, designing, and editing a website and managing an online forum) at 17—and I’ve been working online ever since.

These days, I make most of my income through strategy and writing projects, but I still occasionally build and launch WordPress websites from start-to-finish.

About a year ago, I decided to try something new. What if instead of just building client sites from scratch, I made a way for clients to build their own sites? What if people who couldn’t afford to pay a professional had a more affordable way to launch their blog, site, or fledgling business?

I thought that sounded really good and really fulfilling. And so I created the DIY Website Workshop—a seven-week course that took clients through every step of the web development process from strategy to launch.

At first, it was a paid course. But no longer. Now I’m re-launching it here, fully online, and completely free.

Yep. Free.

No strings attached. No tech experience required. 

You can always hire me to consult along the way if you want to, but the course is designed so that you can do it all independently if you’re willing to put in the time.

So, if you’ve decided you need a website (or a blog), if you’ve got a business, book, creative project, or idea you want to share with the world, and if it feels like about time to put it out there, here’s a seven-session course that will take you through the whole process.

The course itself is free, but do come prepared to pay for your new domain name (, hosting, and a pretty design template (and if that’s all greek to you, don’t worry; we’ll go over it).

For best results, complete the workshop in order (weeks one through seven), watching the videos and using the worksheets to complete each homework assignment.

For questions, feedback, and solidarity, join the Facebook group and help each other out. (If someone helps you with a question, make sure to pay it forward and help someone else if you can.)

And if you need personalized help, want a professional to review your work, or have questions along the way? I’m available for consulting.

Ready to get started? Click here for Week One: Strategy.

how to build a website how to build a website without tech experience

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