Beautiful Spaces: Hotel Sweet Home

by Gigi Griffis

If you’ve been following for a while, you know that back in December and January I was waiting sort-of-patiently for my long-stay visa and moving from place to place while I waited. First, I lived with some girl friends, in their spare room. Then, I moved into a cozy Swiss chalet for a couple weeks. And finally I landed in a bright, sunshiny room overlooking the valley from the Horner Hotel, which is (conveniently) just over the town pub.

Of all my temporary homes, this was my favorite. I loved how my room was always full of sunshine. I loved the view down the valley and to the snow-covered mountains in the distance. And I absolutely adore the staff, who always went above and beyond to help me out, lending me knives and letting me use the washing machine and bringing by clean linens to swap out.

I lived here for over a month before I found my magical top-floor apartment here in the valley. And did I mention that I loved it?






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