Are dogs allowed in restaurants in Italy?

by Gigi Griffis

Are dogs allowed in restaurants in Italy?

The short answer is yes!

Dogs are welcome almost anywhere in Italy, including on public transit (sometimes in a bag or with a muzzle, so always check before you plan your trip), in many hotels, and inside restaurants.

In fact, I can’t remember ever being turned away from a restaurant in Italy with my dog – and we’ve spend a cumulative 6+ months exploring the country.

The only places in Italy where you won’t generally see dogs are churches and supermarkets (though I have heard of people taking their dogs in supermarkets).

A few of my favorite dog-friendly restaurants in Italy:

Osteria Piazzetta delle Erbe (Assisi)

Da Remo (Rome)

Gelateria del Teatro (Rome)

Pizzeria Assaje (Bergamo)

Bam Bar (Taormina)

Da Michele (Naples)

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