Opatija fresh market

by Gigi Griffis
fish dish in Opatija, Croatia

This small fresh market in a multi-story traditional building has a little of everything: fresh greens, fruit stands, sauces, spices, and a healthy fish market. 

If you’re heading to Opatija, Croatia, here’s where to find the freshest ingredients:

How to get there

The market is in Opatija’s center in the big yellow building at Ul. Vjekoslava Spinčića 2

When to go

The market is open Tuesday through Sunday from 6:00 to 13:00.

What to expect

Fish! Seafood! All things from the sea! Produce, spices, sauces, dairy products. There’s also a butcher shop and a bakery connected to the market.


Croatian! You may find some English speakers around, but the local language is (obviously) Croatian.


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