Where to Travel in Europe: An Incomplete Guide

Mar 30, 2017    /    stories & photos

Photo credit: Lake Bled, Slovenia

Well, hey there, friends,

I made something for you.

It’s a mini guide to planning your trip to Europe, based on what you love to do.

And it’s totally free.

If you’re on my email list, you probably already got your copy (and if you didn’t, just shoot me a note and I’ll re-send it to you).

If you’re not on my email list, just sign up here and your free copy will be on its way via email.

Europe: An Incomplete Guide

And if you hate email lists with every fiber of your being and just want to be allowed to read the blog via RSS or whatever other method you choose? I’d still love to send you a copy, no string attached. So feel free to shoot me an email and ask.

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One Comment
  • Anthony
    April 7, 2017

    Hi Gigi,

    Thanks for your useful guide. I’m having a plan to travel around EU next months. :)

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