Walking Austria: Bad Ischl lookout

by Gigi Griffis
Bad Ischl

If you’re looking for a short (yet steep) hike in Bad Ischl with a view, this is your spot: the hill with the lookout just south of town. There are several ways up and all lead to the same spot: a restaurant and tower overlooking the town and the mountains all around. For those with kids in tow, there are little forest educational stations along the way. 

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Want to experience the short hike for yourself? Here are some relevant details: 


The hike at the base of the hill just south of “downtown” Bad Ischl. Look up and you’ll see the tower at the top. There are several trail entrances, depending where you’re coming from, and there’s a thin dirt track that leads around the base of the hill, so just follow it any which way until you reach a trail stretching upward.

Hiking times 

It should take less than 30 minutes for you to make it to the top, even if you’re moseying and taking photos. 

Dogs on trails

Dogs welcome! Luna and I passed multiple other dogs on the trail. 

Is the trail crowded?

In summer, I’m guessing yes. In the autumn, when we were there, we didn’t have the trail to ourselves, but I wouldn’t have called it crowded. 

What to bring

Wear good shoes (the trail is steep and rocky in places) and bring water.

For the dog, I always carry a small carrier backpack just in case. And because I love taking photos, you won’t find me on a trail without my camera (All the photos above were taken with my Sony a6000.)

Happy hiking!

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