How Much Does It Cost to Spend a Month in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina?

by Gigi Griffis

As you may already know, this summer, Chad, Luna, and I have been hanging out in Bosnia. First, we spent a month in Mostar and then we headed deeper into the mountains for almost two months based in a smallish town called Konjic.

As usual, I’ve been tracking my budget numbers and today I’m going to share my real spending for our first month in Konjic.

Because it’s a lot easier to plan a trip when you have a baseline understanding of what it will cost, right? So, without further ado…a month in the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina:


Category Dollars Bosnian Marks
Accommodations $486.50 838.31
Transportation (national/international) $20.14 34.53
Transportation (local) $26.63 45.65
Groceries $250.80 429.96
Supplies $67.90 116.40
Eating/drinking out $42.12 72.21
Entertainment & activities $58.24 99.84
Luna (vet bills, supplies) $36.19 62.04
Health & wellness $160 274.30
Other $8.58 14.71
Totals $1,157.10 1987.95


Budget notes:

Don’t forget that I’m working while I’m traveling, which means someone spending all their time exploring, taking day trips, and eating out is likely to spend more.

Also important to note is that I fall somewhere in between the extreme budget travelers and the luxury crowd. I don’t stay in hotels (usually) and I don’t couchsurf. This means that while you can easily spend more than I do, you can also easily spend a lot less by always eating in, couchsurfing or staying in dorms or at campgrounds. Consider this budget very middle-of-the-road.

These days, I’m traveling with my partner. Keep in mind that the above expenses are my spending and do not include his expenses. We split the rent 50-50 and lunch and dinner groceries 60-40 (while purchasing our own breakfast stuff and sometimes our own snack stuff separately). Luna is my responsibility, so these are her full bills and our health insurance and healthcare costs are totally separate as well.

Konjic farmers market produce
This giant pile of produce cost under $13.

Our base this month, as usual, was an Airbnb apartment rental. We could have spent about half this price, but we chose a bigger place (three bedrooms, one of which acted as Chad’s office) connected to the town’s fanciest hotel. Despite picking the nicest Airbnb we could find, our budget for accommodation still came in lower than usual.

The national transportation cost this month was my half of our taxi ride from Mostar (about 45 minutes south of us) up to Konjic. Local transportation included a day trip to Sarajevo and at least one short taxi ride here in town.

Groceries were delightfully low this month, despite the fact that I shopped constantly at the big, beautiful fresh market and bought plenty of organic goodies from the town’s nicer grocery store. And this was one of my lowest-ever months for eating out, mostly because Bosnian food isn’t that exciting and so we mostly ate at home, but also because Bosnian food is way cheap, so when we did eat out, my half often came to just a couple bucks.

Cycling to Bosnian waterfalls
Cycling to nearby waterfalls: free.

My health and wellness expenses were just my $160 monthly payment to GeoBlue Insurance (who I adore).

Luna’s expenses included medication for her pancreas and one vet visit to clip her nails.

Finally, don’t forget that the above budget is just my day-to-day expenses. It doesn’t include business expenses, big one-time purchases (like a new computer or car), etc. For more details about how I manage all my expenses on the road, visit this extensive post.

Interested in seeing more travel budgets? You’ll find them all here.

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Ali August 3, 2017 - 1:02 pm

That’s definitely a low spending month! Your apartment was pretty big given the price, so I can see why you choose that instead of something smaller/cheaper. And I will definitely vouch for the cheap and not so exciting food!

gigigriffis August 5, 2017 - 12:47 am

True story. And ours was the most expensive Airbnb in town!


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