In which Luna tries watermelon for the first time

Aug 12, 2019    /    luna the traveling pooch

Lately, I’ve been soothing my soul with YouTube videos about animals. I’m late to the game, but I discovered that a year or two ago, a bunch of YouTubers made videos of their dogs taste testing different foods.

I can’t stop watching them.

And so I decided to make one of my own. 

Without further ado, here’s Luna’s first foray into the world of watermelon (and also proof of what a messy eater she is).

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  • Rebecca
    August 12, 2019

    I think Luna did a fabulous job eating and trying new and old things for the camera. Good job! Did not realize that so many different foods were ok for dogs to have. Thanks for sharing.

    • gigigriffis
      August 12, 2019

      Thanks! Yeah – the dog-okay list of foods is a long one!

  • Lynne Nieman
    August 12, 2019

    Luna is just so cute! Fun video and a fun way to start my week!!

    • gigigriffis
      August 12, 2019


  • Pat Perry Moody
    August 12, 2019

    Fun video and Luna is so well behaved. I kept expecting her to reach her little paw up for more of her favorites.

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