Behind the scenes with The Empress (again)

by Gigi Griffis
The Empress by Gigi Griffis

It’s been nearly three months since The Empress hit bookshelves across the US and then across the world. 

Since then, I’ve done a lot of talking about the book. About what it’s like to adapt from script to book, about how I was chosen for the project, about favorite books and romance tropes. If you are interested in these behind-the-scenes peeks, here they all are. Likely, with more to come:

6 historical facts about The Empress
Three truths you’ll find in The Empress and three historical truths that didn’t make it into the book.

Manuscript Academy podcast: script-to-book and book-to-screen
Listen as Bethany Baptiste (author of Izzy Hawthorne: Destiny Awaits) and I talk about all things script-to-book with Netflix and Disney. We cover everything from timelines to how to get this kind of work to what the word “audition” means for script-to-book projects.

Learning the Tropes podcast: Interview with Gigi Griffis 
I talk all things romance, writing, and tropes with the fabulous Erin Leafe of Learning the Tropes!

CNN Portugal: New in Town
I was on CNN Portugal in a short segment about getting chosen for The Empress project and moving to Portugal. What a pleasure. (You’ll find me around the 11-minute mark.)

What happened to…Helene?
After her failed engagement, what happened to the real Helene? Join me for a quick overview.

What happened to…Maxi?
What happened to Maxi after the end of The Empress? This short video gives you a quick glimpse into what comes next for the story’s requisite bad boy.

What happened to…Luzi?
What happened to cute little Luziwuzi after The Empress? Join me for a short video about the boy who grew up to be the queer icon of our story.

Finally, allow me to pause and say thank you to everyone who has read, recommended to a friend, or just cheered me on. I appreciate you all so much.

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