A (Mostly) Photo Essay: Market Mornings in Freiburg

by Gigi Griffis


This week, I took my first ever i-tour. You know, like the kind where you get a numbered map and an mp3 player with a bunch of info about the places numbered on the map. Previously, I’ve always preferred to explore cities on my own, without the aid of tours, electronic or otherwise. But this time, with only two weeks to explore Freiburg, I’m really glad I did the i-tour. Mostly because it led me straight into the heart of the morning market, where I gorged myself on sausages and wandered around in awe at all of this freshness:






I don’t even know what some of this crap is, but I want to eat (or drink) it all. And I’m well on my way, really, as I’ve frequented the market almost every day since I found it (with the exception of when I was accidentally hiking for eight hours and today while I am recovering from overdoing it two days in a row and just reading Catching Fire on my balcony all day).

Seriously, though. If you like hiking and sausages and huge, fresh markets bustling with people, Freiburg is your city.

And, now, I’m off to eat some of those pictured strawberries. And they are going to be delicious.

My lovely little i-tour was provided by the fabulous folks over at Freiburg Tourism. If you want to see some of Freiburg’s nooks and crannies (and know where to find the best views of the city), you can take your own i-tour starting at the tourist office. 

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Montecristo Travels August 18, 2012 - 9:31 am

Damn I miss Europe!

gigigriffis August 18, 2012 - 9:39 am

Come see us!

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