71 Ways to Make Money While Traveling

by Gigi Griffis
tapas in Spain

So here’s a question I see over and over again in online digital nomad groups:

How can I make money while traveling the world?

How can I build a career that lets me work from home or, better yet, work from anywhere? Can I find a job where travel is part of the deal? What skills do I need? What jobs are available? Where do I even start?

The answers, at the end of the day, vary greatly. They’ll depend on how much you want to travel. What skills you have. How long you want to stay in one place. And how much you feel you need to earn to make a sustainable living while traveling.

But the good news is that every year there are more and more options. Sure, not every option will work for every person, but I’ve come up with a list of 71…and with 71, perhaps there are a few that will sing to your soul.

Without further ado, then: 71 ways to make money while traveling.

:: Learn to code
(Before you skim over this one and dismiss it, consider this: in my opinion, this is the quickest, easiest, best paid, and most straightforward way to create a flexible lifestyle. Some coding takes years to learn, but for some – like HTML and CSS, the building blocks of websites – you can get the basics down in just a couple months. Plus, it pays well. That kind of work tends to start around $50 per hour.)

:: Work remotely as a copywriter
(This is one that tends to sound easier than it is. If you have the writing chops and are willing to work for it, it can be a great career. But if you think writing gigs are easy to come by, you’re probably underestimating the work involved…by a lot.)

:: Get a job on a cruise ship

:: Become a flight attendant

:: Become a freelance transcriptionist

:: Learn graphic design

:: Speak more than one language? Translate documents from your second language into your first.

:: Become a social media manager

:: Learn SEO and become a consultant

Lake Bled, Slovenia

:: Get a sales job with a lot of travel

:: Get your pilot’s license

:: Become a scuba instructor

:: Become a technical writer

:: Get your Geology degree (geologists are in demand around the world)

:: Teach English abroad

:: Join the Peace Corps

:: Become a nurse (again, they’re in demand all over the world)

:: Become a tour guide

:: Get a gig as an au pair

:: Learn to sail and land a job on a yacht (20)

:: Become a photographer

:: Become a travel agent

Bosnian waterfalls

:: Tutor online

:: Learn animation

:: Put your art skills to work for you as an illustrator

:: Start your own remote ad agency

:: Become an event planner and specialize in international events

:: Become a marketing consultant

:: Become a business consultant

:: Become a content strategist

:: Provide life coaching services

:: Become a data scientist

:: Get a job as a remote product manager

:: Do voiceovers

:: Become a recruiter

:: Create and sell music

:: Sell e-books or courses


:: Help private jet owners plan their trips

:: Become a trader

:: Become a virtual assistant

:: Take up videography

:: Take your law skills on the road as a freelance lawyer

:: Become an accountant

:: Become a CFO (and do it on contract)

:: Start a remote Dojo

:: Work in hospitality and jump from seasonal gig to seasonal gig

:: Teach yoga

:: Become a personal chef

:: Perform or sell stuff at festivals

:: Become an archaeologist

:: Try your hand as a stagehand

Nerja, Spain

:: Get a job at a guidebook company

:: Become a travel writer
(This is another tricky one to break into, so plan on it taking a while to make a real living on travel content.)

:: Become a blogger
(Though, important to note: most independent bloggers don’t make a full living. I’m a big fan of blogging, but it’s definitely not an easy path to income.)

:: Get a customer support gig

:: Become a technology tester (we call it Quality Assurance)

:: Get a remote Marketing Manager job

:: Become a branding expert

:: Become a nutritionist or dietician and consult remotely

:: Get a gig as a stand-up comedian and go on tour

:: Tour as a musician

:: Run a podcast

:: Become a TV/online personality

:: Learn to DJ

:: Do data entry

:: Become a wandering dance instructor

:: Become a professional speaker and book international speaking gigs

:: Work as an editor

:: Work at an internationally focused ad agency

:: Become a remote pharmacist (yes, that’s a thing!)

:: Become a remote nurse

Did I miss anything? Drop it in the comments!

How to make money while traveling the world

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Natalie February 19, 2018 - 3:10 am

Thank you, this is great!

Teresa February 19, 2018 - 11:39 am

Thank you – a lot of good suggestions, including the one to “become a freelance transcriptionist.” I’m also a freelance transcriptionist, but the only way it will allow you a reasonable income is to have your own clients and set your own rates. Transcription services in the States really don’t pay enough to adequately compensate you for your time.

Valeria February 19, 2018 - 11:55 am

This is wonderful.. I keep thinking …hoping … that a traveling landscape designer would be a thing without having to know multimillionairs.. :)

Andrew February 19, 2018 - 12:59 pm

Unfortunately, most musicians I know (myself included) usually have to work part time IN ORDER to go on tour! But I guess most of these require a lot of work at the front end before they become self sustaining.

Rachel February 21, 2018 - 2:32 pm

Get a job in international development – I loved my career and it’s not just volunteer like the Peace Corps (also that’s only an option for US citizens). I got to visit and see a lot of places tourists/foreigners don’t, but it can be a bit harsh. I mean, you go into it because you know it’s “real life” – not a holiday. Having said that, I was absolutely privileged to do my job and it changed me in a way normal travel couldn’t. And I also got to go on great holidays like a tourist so the best of both worlds really. Only downside is trying to relate to people back home :)


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