2021 in photos

by Gigi Griffis
Plitvice Lakes Croatia

One of my new year traditions is a stroll down memory lane. I scroll through the year’s photos and think about where I’ve been, what I’ve done. Obviously, 2021 was another weird year with covid fucking up everyone’s well-laid plans over and over again. Still, I managed to see some really beautiful things and spend time with a couple of my favorite people. And I got a hell of a lot done. In between stress-related meltdowns and getting covid, I:

:: Wrote not one but two novels

:: Got not one but two visas (first, the digital nomad visa in Croatia, then my long-stay visa for my move to Portugal!)

:: Lived in three different countries across five different towns/cities

:: Started learning Portuguese

:: Hosted my BFF for about six weeks of writing retreat on the Croatian coast (absolute highlight of my year)

And so I wave farewell to 2021 patting past me on the back a bit. That girl got a lot of cool things done, despite quite a bit of turbulence.

Here’s what the year looked like in photos:

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1 comment

Valeria Vincent Sancisi January 10, 2022 - 10:13 pm

I love your spirit, you are formidable and courageous traveler,, can’t wait to see 2022


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