Walking Croatia: Opatija to Volosko

by Gigi Griffis
Opatija promenade

After some hit-or-miss hiking situations down the coast, I was thrilled to find myself on the well-kept walking paths in and around Opatija in the late summer.

This walk is a relatively short and easy one and scenery is breathtaking at every turn.

Planning to take this walk yourself? Scroll past the photos for directions and hiking information.

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Want to experience the walk for yourself? Here are some relevant details: 


The promenade skirts the water from Volosko quite far down the coast. I started this section in Opatija, walked to Volosko, and the returned the same way. The walk is easy to follow. Just stay beside the water.

Walking times 

Your hiking time will vary depending on where on the promenade you begin, but my walk took about 1.5 hours round-trip. 

Dogs on trails

Dogs are welcome (and we crossed paths with quite a few during our early morning jaunt.

Is the trail crowded?

I imagine that the promenade gets quite crowded in summer during the daytime, but we did our walk in the early morning (starting around 6 am) and there weren’t many others out that early.

What to bring

As always with walking, wear good shoes (these are the ones I use) and weather-appropriate clothing. You can do this walk in sandals or non-hiking footwear, but always more comfortable to wear something made for walking. 

Bring your own water (there are no fountains on the trail). For the dog, I typically carry a small carrier backpack just in case she needs a ride. And because I love taking photos, you won’t find me on a trail without my camera. (All the photos above were taken with my Sony a6000.)

Happy hiking!

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