The Best of Our US Road Trip

by Gigi Griffis

Some of the below places and experiences were complimentary, but all opinions are our own and none of the places above even knew about this best of post before it published.

As you may already know, this May, Luna, myself, and the new man packed our lives into my little white hatchback car, settled into our respective seats, and took off across the US, driving from Flagstaff, Arizona, to Richmond, Virginia, and then all the way up through New York into Canada. We covered about 4,000 miles and saw a whole lot of places both new-to-us (like Jackson Hole) or old and beloved (New York City).

The entire itinerary? Page (and Lake Powell), Arizona; Park City, Utah; Jackson, Wyoming; Keystone, South Dakota; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Richmond, Virginia; Washington, DC; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; and New York City.

So, over all those days and all those miles, what were some of our favorite places and most memorable experiences?


Chad and Luna in Pittsburgh

Places we Stayed

My favorite place we stayed along the way was the Bentwood Inn. The inn itself is gorgeous, its surroundings are pretty and natural, and the breakfasts were world-class. It’s probably my favorite US accommodation I’ve ever stayed in. Ever.

Chad’s favorites (which I loved dearly, too) were Westwynd Farm Inn—a grand country house inn on a quiet rural road in Hershey, Pennsylvania—and Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, Utah.

He loved Westwynd for their sweet treats (breakfast cheesecake, anyone?) and how quiet and rural it felt, even though it wasn’t far from Hershey Park and the other things we wanted to see. And Stein Eriksen? Well, we both agree it was the most livable and luxurious place we stayed along the way.

I’m pretty sure Luna’s favorite was the Stein Eriksen Lodge. She was blissed out the whole time we were there.

Luna sleeping

Favorite Eats

The clear winner in the meal category for me was our dinner at Pok Pok Thai in Brooklyn (which we found with my new NYC guide), but the Brussels sprouts and Japanese fried chicken we had on our Jackson Hole food tour (which I reviewed in detail here) and the veggie burger at Cafe Gitane in New York (also found via my NYC guide) deserve some serious honorable mentions.

Chad’s foodie favorites were a several-way tie between the Brussels sprouts in Jackson Hole, dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai in New York’s Chinatown, French toast at the Westwynd Farm Inn, and breakfasts at the Bentwood Inn. And, though not a meal, he says the cupcake he had at City Cakes was the best he’s had in his life (thanks to Eric who mentioned it in an interview for the New York guide!).

Top Stops

The most interesting city we visited, for me, was NYC. It doesn’t matter how many times I visit, there’s always something new that surprises and delights me.

As for the most interesting natural places, I adored the slot canyons of Northern Arizona. We went to Water Holes Canyon (one of the few you can hike without a guide, though you do have to purchase a hiking permit) and I was so happy we did.

For Chad, the most impressive US stop was Park City, with its mountain trails and cute mountain-town feel.

Luna’s favorite? Probably Harrisburg, since she had so many lovely green spaces to run around in and we didn’t have to worry about bears, mountain lions, or hawks.

And now, the US road trip comes to its close and we cross the border into Canada, where another month and a half of new places, foodie discoveries, cozy B&Bs, and long driving days await.

Happy travels, all.

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