Røst cafe in Tallinn: come for the cardamom buns!

by Gigi Griffis
Breakfast pastries tallinn

Cardamom buns! They’re a big thing here in the north. The Swedes are known for them and the Estonians eat their fair share.

Here at Røst, you’ll find them lined up alongside cinnamon buns (though I prefer the cardamom version here), lightly sweet and fabulously spicy. If you happen to time it just as they’re coming out of the oven, you’re in for a special treat.

Not to mention that Røst has decent coffee, good Wi-Fi, and a really nice atmosphere. When I’m in Tallinn, you’ll typically find me working here for at least a couple hours each week. Laptop open. Notebook at my side. Warm cardamom bun and creamy latte sweetened with honey alongside me.

Address: Rotermanni 14

Average cost: Cardamom buns are currently 2.50 euros each.

This cafe is dog friendly!

What (else) to do in Tallinn

The best restaurant in town, by far, is the fabulous Noa Chef’s Hall. Book yourself an 11-course experience overlooking the sea for something really special.

Nature-lovers should head down to the bog trails just outside Nomme, 10 or so minutes south of town by train and plan a stroll through the pretty, well-manicured Kadriorg Park.

The hip part of town, complete with graffiti and cool co-working spaces is over by the train station, where you’ll also find Balti Jaama Turg – the best fresh market the city has to offer. In between veggie stands, you’ll also find a popular cafeteria and a second floor full of clothes and antiques.

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