Markthalle Innsbruck

by Gigi Griffis

Sidle up to the pretty riverside in the center of Innsbruck and wander until you find what you’re looking for: produce, cheeses, meats, yogurts, and plenty of other foodie delights at Markthalle Innsbruck – a small, well-stocked indoor market.

My own visit was short (only a single week) and I was mostly eating out, so I only purchased a couple things: looseleaf tea (good) and honey (very good). But everything in the market looked delicious and high quality and if I make it back that pretty pile of yogurts is going to be my first stop.

How to get to Markthalle Innsbruck

Markthalle Innsbruck is at Herzog-Siegmund-Ufer 1-3 in the center.

When to go

The market is open Monday to Friday 7 to 18:30 and Saturday 7 to 13.

What to expect

Fresh produce, cheeses, eggs, teas, marinated peppers, yogurt, and more.


Austria’s official language is German, but you’ll find tons of English speakers around. We didn’t have any problems communicating.

cheese at Markthalle Innsbruck Markthalle Innsbruck

yogurt markthalle innsbruck

veggies markthalle innsbruck markthalle innsbruck tomatoes

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Markthalle Innsbruck

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