Hiking Estonia: Tallinn’s Paljassaare Hoiuala

by Gigi Griffis

Love birds? 

Well, you’re in luck. Apparently 227 species of them have been registered on this tiny spit of land that juts above Tallinn into the Baltic Sea. 

The land itself is a collection of rocky beaches, high grasses (with raised wooden platforms that navigate you above them), shady woods, and wide dusty paths with squishy wetland dipping down on either side. 

If you’re looking for a very easy nature walk in Tallinn, this is one of your options. 

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Want to experience this nature area for yourself? Here are some relevant details: 

Hiking times and local transportation

From Tallinn, take the 59 bus to the last stop (Pikakari). It drops you off right at the edge of the nature area. From here, you can either walk up along the coast or hike directly into the nature area across from the bus stop. 

I didn’t track our hiking time, but the park is not huge. I imagine you could turn this into an hour or a couple-hour excursion.

Trail markers

There are no real trail markers, but the park is small and the paths are clear. A map is handy if you want to take a specific route. We just wandered until we felt like turning back. 

Dogs on trails

Dogs are welcome and we saw several others during our own hike.

What to bring

Wear comfortable shoes and bring plenty of water. I did not see any water fill-up stations along the way. 

Since I’m hiking with a middle-aged small dog and occasionally she’s had some knee issues, I also hike with a dog backpack. Here’s the one we use.

Happy hiking!

All photos taken with my Sony a6000.

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