La Ferme à Dédé restaurant, Grenoble

by Gigi Griffis

If you’re only going to eat at one restaurant in Grenoble, book yourself a table at Troquet les Mouettes. If you’re going to eat at two, make your second booking La Ferme à Dédé.

The decor is rustic. Think: red and white plaid tablecloths, wooden floors, and old wagon wheels and barrels used as decoration. If I didn’t know I was in France, I would have thought I walked into an old-western-themed place in Colorado somewhere.

But, nope, France it is. And rustic is most definitely is. From the farm equipment displayed on the walls to the heavy metal serving dishes to the cuisine itself, which feels like something whipped up in a farmhouse kitchen.

My partner and I ordered the “famous” crayfish and chicken with potatoes. The crayfish and chicken were served in a still-hot pot straight from the stove, drenched in a creamy tomato-based sauce, and perfectly tender. The crayfish were cooked shells on, which made the meal a bit on the messy side as we picked them apart, but also did a lot to enhance the flavor (any good chef knows that cooking with shells means more flavor). The potatoes were also very well prepared: creamy and hearty and cheesy.

Address: 24, rue Barnave 38000 Grenoble (second location: 55, avenue Alsace Lorraine 38000 Grenoble)

Phone: +33 04 76 54 00 33 (second location: +33 04 76 27 42 84)

Hours: Open daily 12 – 14:30 and 19 to 23:30

Price range: Main courses range from 14 to 20 euros.

This restaurant is dog-friendly.

What (else) to do in Grenoble

Don’t miss the big fresh market, where you’ll find everything from juicy rotisserie chickens to baked goods to fresh local produce. For another exceptional meal (or several), my favorite restaurant is Troquet les Mouettes.

If you’re exploring the region, don’t miss nearby Annecy and its excellent fresh market.

And if you are up for a cycle ride, the paths along Grenoble’s riversides are very peaceful.

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La Ferme a Dede Grenoble

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