A stroll through Bourges, France

by Gigi Griffis
Castle in Bourges, France

Come with me on a journey through a week of strolls in Bourges, France: a pretty little city where churches stretch toward sky and cobbles reach around corners and a marsh invites walkers to meander shady, tree-lined riverside paths where swans glide alongside…

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1 comment

Amanda Torres de Souza October 3, 2022 - 9:42 am

Such a pretty city! Also, I also love the theme of your photos, the focus on rusty or “forgotten” things, This kind of photo always evokes some emotion in me! I’ll be going to Europe for the first time next year, and although my itinerary does not include Bourges, I will leave a note here for a future visit. Hope you and Luna are doing well xoxo


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