Luna and Gigi Griffis

In 2012, I gave myself permission to do something crazy.

I packed my bags, ditched my permanent address, and took my nearly two-year-old business and my pint-sized pooch on the road. I traveled full-time for almost two years, living my life, running my business, and snuggling my puppy against a backdrop of sandy Mexican beaches, cobbled Italian squares, pretty French bistros, and jagged, breathtaking Swiss Alps.

In that time, I found my mojo, fell in love with my life, learned to love and stand up for myself, dropped two dress sizes, shifted my business, and faced my fears head-on.

Finally, in early 2014 I was granted a residence permit in Switzerland and so settled into a home base in Europe. These days I’m hanging out here in the Alps, planning some epic European adventures, writing books, and changing my life more and more every day.

Speaking of writing books…

My second and third books just launched! The first is called Italy: 100 Locals Tell You Where to Go, What to Eat, and How to Fit In. Think of it as your new Italian best friend—the one who can give you directions to that off-the-beaten path winery, help you find the best pizzeria in town, and clue you in on how to spot real gelato. If you’re dreaming of Italy, you should probably buy it.

The second is essentially the same idea, but smaller and focused on (wait for it) Barcelona, Spain.

I also wrote a memoir.

It’s called And, Also, My Palms Are Sweaty. It’s about love and dating misadventures (emphasis on the misadventures) on two continents. And I wrote it because I want to make you laugh, make you think, and let you know that you’re not alone. Life and love are ridiculous. For all of us.

Now, I’ve got three more books in the works: new 100 Locals guides to Paris, Prague, and Switzerland. Watch for the first two this summer and early fall.

Oh, yeah. I live this crazy, travel-filled life with my dog.

Yessir. My traveling pooch is called Luna - after the character in Harry Potter. I found her in 2009 and she changed my life. Now, she’s a seasoned world-traveler, a trained therapy dog, and a papered ESA. When she’s not sleeping in weird positions, Luna enjoys bringing me my slippers, staring at me quizzically, and hiding behind me anytime a cat comes near her. (Because cats are terrifying. Duh.)

Okay, so the whole point…

I write this blog because I think my story could be yours too. You don’t have to be rich or famous or thin or whatever to have the life of your dreams. And if you need someone to prove it, well, here I am. Traveling. Writing. Running a business. Facing my fears. Learning the hard lessons. And never giving up.

Maybe you want to start a business. Or to spend a luxurious month in the Italian countryside eating fresh pasta and taking strolls through fields of sunflowers. Or to create art without having to work at McDonalds or live in a box.

Whatever your wildest dream is, I’m writing this blog (and my next books) for you.

The world needs more people who go after their dreams.

It needs more people who are afraid to fail – and jump off the edge anyway.

It needs more people willing to love, laugh, and adventure with abandon.

So let’s do that.

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