Walking in Forest Merimets, Tallinn

by Gigi Griffis
Trees in Tallinn

As the weather starts to warm and the trees start to green, we’ve been trying to get out for more walks here in Tallinn and I’m happy to report we found a rather large swath of forest where we can get our nature fix while we’re stuck in the city. 

If you’re going to Tallinn and need a few moments of solace with no cars or buildings in sight, I’d like to introduce you to Forest Merimets:

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Want to experience the forest for yourself? Here are some relevant details: 

Location and size

The forest is located in Merimetsa, a neighborhood of Tallinn that borders the sea. There are multiple entry points, but we always entered behind the Selver at Sõle 31. We’d walk down the street called Kolde that runs between the Selver and the police office and turn left into the park just past the police office, then right to walk along a row of apartment buildings and deeper into the forest. From the apartment buildings to the ocean, straight through the forest, takes us about 30 minutes on foot.

I wouldn’t call it crowded, but since this is a smallish slice of forest and in a major city, don’t expect to have the trails to yourself. 

Trail markers

By the ocean there are a couple marked trails, but most of the trails in the little slice of forest aren’t marked. It’s not a huge place, so if you get turned around, all you have to do is walk 30 minutes or less in the same direction and you’ll eventually come to the ocean or the edge of the forest area.

Dogs on trails

Dogs are welcome. I believe there are leash laws in place (I don’t recall seeing any unleashed dogs), but you can certainly romp through the trees with your fuzziest family member.

What to bring

Wear decent shoes (I like Salomon women’s speedcross), as paths are uneven and you will likely have to cross some streams/muddy areas and bring a jacket (this far north, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared for some cold wind). There are no water fill-up stations I know of, so bring your own water.

Happy walking!

All photos taken with my Sony a6000.

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