Montpellier in photos

by Gigi Griffis
Montpellier carosel

Montpellier! I went for a festival and fell in surprisingly in love.

The quiet, charming, very French streets. The cute cafes tucked down back alleys with iced coffees or granita cocktails on offer. And the people! I met so many amazing people even with so few days in the city. Locals reading feminist tomes on cafe patios while a heat wave raged. More locals dancing in open squares as tourists leaned against trees to watch. Students (Montpellier is a big university city) staying cool on sweltering days with smoothie bowls. And travelers on summer break, soaking in the ambiance.

It was, in short, one of my favorite French cities I’ve visited. 

Here are some snapshots of a week wandering the beautiful streets:

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